Always follow the light on the horizon

Written/Typed By Nikki Van Davis

Realistic Fiction 

Chapter One..| A Sad Life

Vladimir sighed his lazy owner was playing his video games again and forgot to feed him and Lana again. Vladimir was a Russian Blue cat with beautiful gray fur and distinctive green eyes.  Lana was his roommate she was a gray tabby with green eyes too. They known each other since they were One year old but their friendship was Always Bumpy. They lived in the poor part of town where the messy unkept houses were and they lived in one of the messiest with a man called. Mr.Tom. He was a pure reflection of his house messy unkept and a horrible pet owner he forgot to feed his cats somedays.

Vladimir and Lana weren't really his cats Mr.Toms sister had to give them away cause she could not afford them anymore. Her name was Kara she loved her two cats sooo much and always told them to look on the bright side of things and Follow that light on the horizon. "I know I have to give you away to my brother and times may be tough but I cant let you live in the street!" Two years had gone by since they had seen their beloved Kara.

"Vladimir?" Lana asked him with a questioning meow.


"Arent you hungry?"

"Yes..just dont think about it... " He replied.

"Ohh!..I cant! and our water dish Mr.Tom forgot to clean that!"

Vladimir sighed again. "Again?..."

Lana stood up and jumped up on the couch. "mabey I can meow at him and remind him!" Lana seemed sure this would work.

"Go Ahead.." Vladimir already knew that wouldnt work He did once he got yelled at, and had a beer bottle thrown at him.

Lana Started meowing and purring at Mr.Tom

"I Gave ya Food Last Week! Quit the meows!" Mr.Tom said angrily. Lana quicky jumped down to join Vladimir behing the couch.

"Last Week?" Vladmir said angrily "Now were getting feed once a week?!" 

"But we need food everyday!" Lana exclaimed.
  • Vladimir
  • Lana

Vladimir meowed a litte bit then an idea struck him. "Hm...You've had enough of this haven't you?"

"Um..Yes..Duh Vladimir!"

"We Cats are well capable of Living as Strays...." Vladimir spread his wiskers in deep thought.

Lana looked at him worriedly. "Strays!?" 

"Yes..Why dont we escape.. After Mr.Tom goes to work we'll find a way out! 

"Um..Vladimir..I hate to tell you this...but..." Lana meowed soflty.

"But what?" Vladimir wondered what Lana had to say.

"Mr.Tom got fired and ..This house is under foreclosure... Today we have to move.."

Vladimir purred for one second and then it him it. "Thats It!!!"

"What?" Lana asked under a wisper.

"Were gonna escape today..." He told her. At about when he said this Mr.Tom was moving things out the door grumbling words that are not to be mentioned.


"What?!" Lana was surprised.

"Now!! We leave now we run out that door to freedom!"

The Two cats, Vladimir, and Lana ran out of the house; Mr.Tom Yelled after them. "Yeah Go! You Cats!" 

"Whoo Hoo!" Vladimir called out.

"Well.. were officaly strays now.." Lana said to her him.

"Hey! lets find Kara! Hopefully she has enough money to take us back!" 

"Yeah! lets do that!" Lana replied to Vladimir.

And They walked of towards the sun. 

Chapter 2..| Beginner Strays

While walking down the street they found an alley.

"Hey Lana! Lets go down that alley mabey another stray will help us for the night." Vladimir told her.

While walking in the alley they saw two rustic looking cats staring at them intensly.

"This is our territory!!!!" a orange tabby yelled at Vladimir and Lana.

"Who are you?" The other cat said. This cat had black fur and blue eyes.

Vladimir growled a bit. 

"Im Lana and That is Vladimir..." Lana said introducing her self to the two strange alley cats. 
  • Carol, and Tim
  • Vladimir
  • Lana

"Go!!!" The orange tabby said again this time growling at the two. 

Vladimir looked at the orange tabby intensly not backing down. "Let us stay for the night..." He said with a slight hiss.

"Tim! there not here to steal territory! Clam down dude!" The black cat said to the ornage tabby.

"Fine.." Tim said annoyed. "But you better be right Carol..." he said to the black cat.

"Your names are Carol and Tim?" Lana said trying not to purr with relif.

"Yes.." Carol said to them

"Now dont you dare try to take this territory!" Tim warned Vladimir.

"Oh Cool down...I wont take any me, and Lana are searching for some territory our selfs."

"Oh? So your Beginner Strays?" Carol asked spreaking her wiskers with a questionig meow.

"Yeah we'll only be here for the night!" Lana meowed feeling braver now.

The rest of the day the Four cats ate together, and talked together Tim always kept a close eye on Vladimir. Carol, and Lana soon became friends. When it came time to settle down to sleep Vladimir and Lana had a conversation.

"Being a stray isnt that bad see?" Vladimir told Lana expecting her to agree.

"I..Dont know..I want to be loved by a human..I Miss Kara.." Lana closed her eyes for a moment remembering how Kara would pet her and tell her everything is allright. 

"Quit Worrying Lana." Vladimir said with a sigh. 

"But Vlad! Dont you remember what Kara said? She didnt want us to be street cats!!" 

"I know..but we couldn't stay with Mr.Tom any longer! he was too cruel to us! we cant go back!" Vladimir meowed at Lana.

"is there anything wrong over here?" Carol was standing infront of them now. "So You are new Strays.I was right after all..." 

"Yeah why dose that matter to you?" Vladimir meowed feeling a litte angry.

"I can help..I'll tell Tim and see what he says." Carol looked at Vladimir calmly.

"I-I'm sorry..." he said

"Hey its cool.." She purred looking at Him and Lana. and she walked off to get Tim. 

"Whats that town Kara lives in again?" Lana asked a few minutes after all that. 

"Suntown.." He stated "Why?" 

"Well Kara said told us to always follow that light on the horizon..If we follow that light..mabey we can find her!" 

"Hm..Thats a Good Idea Lana..." 

Carol came back with Tim who was looking quite grumpy. 

"Surreee....we'll Be of SOME help to you.." He said not looking serious.

"Yep! what place do you want to find?" Carol purred.

"Suntown, New Jersey!!" Valdimir and Lana said in unision.

Carol looked at Tim "Suntown Got it?"

"Yeeeep...Um....Ah..I remember now...." Tim was still looking not pleased. "Right now we are at the edge of New York  Keeping going North and you should be in New Jersey From there you'll find a pack of stray cats like us They are very territoral so be wise with what you say to them. Ask for directions then leave quickly."

"Thanks man!" Vladimir meowed thankfully at Tim.

"Thanks!" Lana said purring.

"Dont mention it..." Tim said walking back to bed.

"Well Goodnight and we wish you a safe journey." Carol meowed then followed after Tim. 

That night that two cats had a goodnight sleep the best night sleep in two whole years! 

(song to go with story: about missing someone you love) 

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Owl City - Metropolis Lyrics

Chapter 3..| Unexpected Love 

When morning came Vladimir and Lana said good bye to Tim, and Carol and walked north. They walked for about and hour not talking untill they saw a pet store.

"Hey! mabey if we walk in there the'll give us some breakfast!" Lana told Vladimir.

Vladimir meowed sadly. "Oh..yeah..we didnt have any food today yet." 

"Then lets go in!!!" Lana motioned to the pet store. 

"I-I don't know...they'll problay say were dirty creatures and kick us other people do to strays."

"But were not dirty yet!" Lana exclaimed.

"You Got a point there.." Vladimir started walking towards the pet store with Lana happlily following behind. Its seemed nice inside of the pet store people looked at them surpried but didnt do anything to get rid of them. Vladimir looked for a nice worker but didnt see one he could ask for some food. Then he heard some muffled yelling from a fancy office. 
  • The Pet Store
  • Vladimir
  • Lana

"hey! in there!" Lana gestured to the office. "Lets go in there!" 

"But Lana..-" Before he could tell her to comeback she ran in the office. 

"Dont tell me you cant get thoes for us! thoese dog toys bring us good sales!" The man in the office chair said to the phone. Lana walked up to him and started purring and rubing aginst his leg. Then Vladimir walked in much to his surprise to see Lana loving up on this guy. The man put down his phone and looked down.

"What?. Who let this cat in here?" He looked up to see Vladimir walk in. "Ha Ha...Your a sweet kitty.." The man picked Lana up and pet her on the head. "and how about you Sir?" he said to Valdimir.

Vladimir was to shocked to say a meow at the man. "I never knew that people were still kind.." he thought then walked up to The man, and purred slightly.

"You can call me. Mr.Jach" He said to the cats. 

"Um sir the costomers want the Fantisc Dog Toys-...What!?"

"Oh Calm down MissPross! These kitties walked in my office.." Mr.Jach said to the lady. 

"You know Vladimir we should meow for food now."  Lana said to Vladimir 

"Thats what we came here for Lana." Vladimir repled then rubed agisnt Mr.Jach's leg. "You rub MissPross's leg Lana!" He wispered to her. She jumped down from Mr.Jach's arm and purred while rubbing aginst MissPross's leg.

"Oh!!"  The lady was shocked. "You.. are a nice cat.." She bent down and started petting Lana.

" and your kitty friend want food dont'ca?" Mr.Jach said to Vladimir. "I wish I knew your names"

At hearing the word "food" Vladimir meowed. 

"Miss Pross! get me two can of friskes cat food!" 

"Yes sir!" and she ran of her high heels loudly clicking the floor.

"Hmm I'll call you" He said to lana. "Georgina"  

"Aww.. I like my orginal Russian name." Lana said with a meowing laugh. 

"My name is Russian Too!" Vladimir said feeling proud,

"and I'll call you..." Mr.Jach said to Vladimir  "Peter." 

"Not russian anymore!" Lana purred at Vladimir.

"Awww...Shucks!" Vladmir meowed.

"I got the food Sir!" MissPross said looking out of breath. Lana and Vladimir were fed some Friskes and ate till they were full. 

Lana Purred and rubbed agisnt  Mr.Jach and Miss Pross one more time and so did Vladimir. Then they walked out of the office. out of the store into the bustiling city.

"Come back sometime!!" Miss Pross said with tears in her eyes.

"Come back again!" Mr.Jach called out to the two kitties not feeling stressed anymore. 

"Hmm.." Vladimir was deep in thought again. 

"What's on your mind Vlad?" Lana asked.

"I Never knew there were still kind people out there to strays like us..."  He replied similng.

"I think Mr.Tom changed our view of the world.." Lana meowed sadly.

"But there are still people and cats out there like him and worse than him! we still must be cautious!" 

"Yeah...your right Vladimir.." 

and they kept on walking north as Tim told them to do..

Chapter 4..| The Interstate 

After Walking for about an hour the two cats heard a loud sonund of cars moving fast.Vladimir gasped.

"What Vlad?" Lana asked feeling a litte wonderous as well.

"Were Close to New Jersey! This sound were hearing is the interstate!" Vladimir told Lana.

"Oh no!" Lana exclaimed with worry. Vladimir, and Lana walked further and there is was.. Cars speeding at unthinkable speeds for a cat to comprehend. A beaitful, but Scary Sight...

"Well ... Um.... Eh..." Vladimir meowed breathlessly.What if he and Lana had to cross it to go along with their journey?

"Do we have to cross it?" Lana voiced Vladimir's very fear...Vladimir did some thinking.. Looking here, and there. "We will evantually. when we make it to that yellow sign up there we'll have to cross."

They walked cautiously to the Yellow sign. "Okay...I'll Cross then you come after me. I'll show you how.." Vladimir reluctanly told Lana.
  • Vladimir looking at the interstate
  • Lana looking at the interstate.
  • The Sign

"But What if you get run over!?!" Lana meowed distresinly.Vladimir sighed feeling a litte anoyed he didnt need to have Lana be all afraid right now they were almost in New Jersey.

"Lana! please be quiet!" Vladimir glared at Lana for a few seconds making her in response meow sorry and back off. Vladimir needed to concetrate to cross this road. Quickly he moved inbetween the four lanes then made it to the other side with much relife. "LANA!!!" he called over the loud traffic. "COME ON!! YOU SAW ME, YOU CAN DO IT!!!"

Lana looked at the road terrified and shook her head her scared meowing could be sofltly heard over the traffic. She steped out, her wiskers tucked in,  then steped back again. "I Cant!" Lana called.

"Yes you can!" Vladimir called back quickly moving his tail. "My Tail amost got crushed by a car!!" He said to himself feeling a litte scared him self but kept it hidden well. Slowly, and Surly Lana moved across the road one lane at a time 3 ..2..1 ... Could she cross the last Lane?

"I'm right here Lana!" Vladimir was starting to feel worried about his travling mate. Then quickly she moved, and was on the other side with Vladimir. 

"Gosh...You made it..." Vladimir said then got up to walk to New Jersey with Lana Following behind. Not long after they saw a huge sign that said "WELCOME TO NEW JERSEY" The two cats meowed with joy when they read the sign. 

"Next we have to find a pack of cats.." Vladimir told Lana. "But That wont be for a little while now." As Vladimir was saying this somthing seemed to be on Lana's mind."Whats on your mind Lana?"

"Well..You could have been nicer to me...." Lana replied looking at him in the eyes.

"Oh..about the interstate..Eh..Sorry.." Vladimir looked back at her equally.

"I mean other times too..You could have been nicer to me..just beacuse I'm not as brave as you dosent mean you have to..." Lana paused.

"have to what?! What do you mean? "I could have been nicer other times too"?" he asked.

"You always seem to snap at me...and I cant seem to measure up to you.." She continued. 

"Then dont measure your self.." Vladimir meowed back feeling a litte annoyed. 

"What?!!" Lana was taken aback. 

"Hey just forget about all that, we got to jet now." Vladimir felt sorry deep inside about his behaivor towards Lana and was ashamed of himself. 

"F-Fine.." Lana meowed still following him into the big city. 

Chapter 5..| Use Your Words Wisely

Vladimir and Lana were in the bustle of the city now looking for that pack of stray cats. So far they only saw a few cat paw marks here and there but no cats! 

"Lana?" Vladimir asked

"What?" She replied 

"Give me some feedback. Where do you think these cats are?" Vladairmir meowed.

"Well... Try behind that restuant over there!" Lana said pointing to a Small Hanburger joint with her paw

"Sure we'll look there." 

The two cats looked behind the hambuger place and saw no other cats but there was lots of food!

"Lana! Theres a box of food here!" Vladimir told lana who was looking sad again.

"Well...alright Vladimir.." was the reply from Lana. and they ate for a bit untill they heard a low growl.

"Get Away from that box kittens..." they heard. 

Vladimir frowned. "Kittens?"

"Yeah! you heard me! I told you not to eat my food I'm gonna claw you!" and then a male brown tabby cat ,with yellow/greenish eyes, came out from behind a box with his fur standing on end.

"Excuse me sir?" Lana said feeling slightly sassy. "If your looking for your kittens we arent them!"

"Do I look Like a kitten to you!?" Vladimir pratically Poped In anger. 

"Who the heck are you and why are you eating my food?!" 

"Wait.. are you part of the most popular New Jersey cat pack?" Lana asked.

"Yes Missy, I am the second cat in rank... My name is Bruno.." He meowed looking very prideful. 

"Wheres the rest of the group?" Vladimir asked carefully.

"Why do you wanna know? do you wanna join?" 

Bruno listening to Vladimir, and Lana

".. Well no..~" Lana said..

"Then why do you wanna see us?" Bruno plyed.

"...We Need Directions.." Vladimir added.

"Eh?.. Is that all? You look like a perfect cadidate to become the Alfa cat... " Bruno replied with a convincing voice tone.

"N-No and Lana need to see you all.." Vladimir knew he was playing with his words dangerously..Then Lana caught on and gulped. they had both heard stories of a cat getting ganged up on by a whole pack of agressive cats.

"Well then..." Bruno meowed "follow me.."

Lana and Vladimir followed the pridefull brown tabby cat to a errie alley. then Bruno made a speical meow and slowly 5 cats crept out from behind boxes, and other objects.

"What the world is it Bruno?" a black and white cat with blue eyes asked. 

"Dont talk to me like that ... Rember your still third ranking cat.." Bruno snaped back. The other cat sat down submissivly.

"Hasan!" Bruno called "We got two cats that wanna ask us directions!"

"Directions huh?" A Black turkish angora cat said while walking out of a warm looking box. "or a place in my society?" 

"No just directions." Lana said

"Yep thats all." Vladimir meowed at the black cat.


"Yes Hasan thats what they claimed to say.. " Bruno told Hansan. 

"You say claimed Bruno?.. Let me make my own judgments. You often forget your place..." Hansan growled at Bruno for a second then looked at the Vladimir and Lana. "Well go on.. make another excuse that you dont wanna take my place and become top cat..."

"Sir.." Vladimir said all of a sudden feeling brave. "We are looking for our human. You see Tim, and Carol sent us here so we could ask for Directions to Suntown New Jersey." 

"How do you know about them?" Hansan asked looking bewildered.

"We meet them near the Edge of New York.. and asked for some help." Lana added.

"Well then you got favor with us then Sit down and tell me your story and where your going" Hansan meowed.

Chapter 6...| Breaking Point

"Ya see that pertty sun shine comming from the east?" Hasan pointed at it with his paw.

"Yes Sir" Lana replied.

"Yes" Vladimir said.

"You just follow that and you'll find your self in Suntown. and Remember EAST! Always Go East!" 

"Alright. Thank You a lot!" and the two cats waved goodbye walking East toward the sunlight. Hasan chuckled spreading his wiskers. "Okay pack you wish them Farewell too." the cats meowed goodbye happily.

About Three Hours in to there walk they sat down to take a much needed rest. 

"Well." Lana said looking at Vladimir. "Do you Kara will be mad at us? Beacuse we are strays?" 

"No Lana." Vladimir was tired and didn't want to talkt about Kara even though her loved her it brung back to many memories he didn't want to think about her at least untill they alsmot got there. "Lets talk about something else." 

"But Vladimir..Its makes me feel better thinking about Kara.." Lana sighed sadly, and sat down in the grass. Vladimir wanted to tell Lana how he felt but he thougt it better not to telll her. Vladimr grumbled something underneath his breath, but Lana saw him grumble.

"Vladimir!" Lana seemed to be in tears. "Don't you care about me?!" 

"Of course Lana your my friend.. I just don't want to talk about-" Vladimir caught him self and became quiet abruptly.

"Talk about what?! Kara?" Lana was truly in tears now. "Whats wrong with you Vladimir?" 

"Whats wrong with me?!" Vladimir asked in a loud meow.

"You act as if your better than me, you don't care about how I feel, and you snap at me constantly." Lana put a paw on her face. 

"Lana..." Vladimir started. "It seems that we never got along quite well. Mabey we should go our own sepreate ways starting tomrrow morning." Vladimir looked aside with a sigh. 

"V-V-Vladimir... you cant be serious.." Lana's eyes got wide then she huffed a breath. "Fine. Great idea."

Vladimir didn't reply he was to shook up to say any thing but he thought it was best. Lana obviously didn't care about his feelings. Vladimir closed his eyes and slowly went to sleep.......

"Vladimir." there was a bright light. Vladimir opened his eyes quickly he heard a soft familar voice. "Vladimir." It said again. He just couldnt place who that voice belonged to. It sounded sad the far away, soft, familar, voice that he so much wanted to reach but couldn't. Vladimir got up. "Who are you?!" 

Vladimir woke up in a startle. the sky was dark and forbidding."Just a dream" he told him self trying to go back to sleep seemed impossible but he finnaly fell asleep again, but it was a fitful sleep. 

That morning when Vladimir woke up he thought he heard that soft voice again but it was only his imagination playing trikcks on him. He groomed him self then walked over to Lana who was half asleep. "Good bye." and walked of to the East. 

Chapter 7...| 

Comming Soon! 

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